3 ways to ensure productive conference calls

Posted by Vivienne New

22-Apr-2015 10:00:00


Conference calling is a highly effective tool for communicating with people spread over large distances quickly, cheaply and easily.

This enables businesses to enhance their collaborations and build stronger relationships with each other as well as with their clients or customers.

When done properly, your business could effectively eliminate unnecessary travel and therefore save thousands of dollars in costs.
The cost of travelling interstate or overseas to conduct business meetings can be prohibitive for many businesses, so the opportunity to negate these costs is one that is generally very welcome.

The time it takes to travel to an interstate or overseas meeting also means that decisions are delayed for some time, and usually decisions need to be made much faster than these travel times allow for. This is where conference calls come in handy. Important decisions can be made almost immediately this way, and at very little expense.

To make sure your teleconference runs as smoothly as possible and the desired outcome is achieved, here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Make sure the host creates an agenda and distributes it in advance to the meeting participants

    An agenda is vital for making sure that the meeting stays on track and all required decisions are made in a timely manner. This also allows the other participants to consider the points that will be brought up in the call and think of any questions they may want to ask or points they would like to make. 

  2. Appoint a leader for the call

    The host of the call doesn't necessarily have to actually lead the call. The leader's job is to make sure the call discussion sticks to the agenda. If a particular conversation begins to wander off-topic, the leader can step in and bring the conversation back on track to make sure a decision is reached in a timely manner. Additionally, having one person as leader makes it easier to encourage reluctant speakers to contribute as they can be asked directly to contribute and won't be able to just passively listen. 

  3. Keep your conference brief and limit attendees

    The most effective way of maintaining your participants' attention is to keep your conference short and to the point. Make sure your guests don't feel that they are being kept from their work for longer than necessary, which should encourage productivity during the call. 
    Additionally, make sure that only people that really need to be on the call are invited. If necessary, decisions made in the meeting can be passed on to other staff members afterwards by those who attended the call.

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