5 tips for a seamless conference

Posted by Vivienne New

18-Jun-2015 10:02:00

ConferencecallphoneWhether you hold conferences all the time or only very infrequently, you need to know that your conferences will run smoothly every time. 

Here are some tips for making sure you experience a seamless conference, each and every time.

1. Give the meeting your undivided attention. Even though the parties are not meeting face-to-face, location should be a key consideration. Choose a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed for the length of the conference.

2. Presentations often take more time than anticipated. Ensure enough time is allocated to the conference and that it does not take time away from the busy days of the participants. If possible, try to finish early.

3. Make sure the equipment and service provider you use are top-notch. This is an investment that is worth making to ensure you can make the most of the conference. A seamless discussion not hampered by technological issues is more likely to yield positive results. For this reason you should avoid “free” conference call providers. You can read more about the pitfalls of these providers here.

4. Recording your conference makes it easy to revisit what was discussed, or enables someone to take minutes at a later time for distribution amongst the participants. Knowing that your calls are being recorded eliminates the need for distracting note-taking during meetings, leaving you free to focus on what's being said.

5. Make sure the host creates an agenda and distributes it in advance to the meeting participants. An agenda is vital for making sure that the meeting stays on track and all required decisions are made in a timely manner. This also allows the other participants to consider the points that will be brought up in the call and think of any questions they may want to ask or points they would like to make. 

By following these 5 simple rules, you should be able to ensure seamless conferences no matter how often you conference.

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