Three reasons why audio conferencing can boost your sales figures

Posted by Vivienne New

12-May-2015 14:30:00

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Are you are a sales manager?

Are you managing multiple teams or stores across the country?

Are you sick of your team using a lack of communication and not having anyone to motivate them as an excuse for not meeting their sales targets?

It’s time to start communicating with your team of managers every morning about what their sales targets are for the day and what they can do to best achieve those targets. You should seriously consider holding a conference call every morning. Here are three reasons why an audio conference can boost your sales figures:

1. It saves you money

Instead of wasting money on travelling to visit your stores, you can discuss everything you need quickly, easily and frequently by conferencing with them instead. That money can then be used elsewhere across the business, such as in recruitment or marketing, or even rewarding your teams when they meet their sales targets every day!

2. It saves you time

If you fly to meet with your interstate sales teams, you probably spend a lot of time on planes, travelling to and from airports and waiting for flights. This valuable time could be put to much better use, and the money spent on these trips is only cutting into your profit margin. Why waste this time when you can achieve the same result much more easily by holding a conference call.

3. It increases communication

Being able to chat with your team managers frequently results in more motivated employees. Daily contact will make them feel part of a team even though they are separated by thousands of kilometres. Setting targets is one thing, but achieving results doesn’t happen without further interaction. A conference call ensures everyone knows exactly what the targets are and is a great opportunity to discuss how those targets can be met. Sharing ideas between stores on how to get the best results can boost morale, meaning your teams are more likely to strive to achieve their goals.

Start your day with a team conference call. Set targets, inspire each other and get results!

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