Hiring great employees in 3 steps

Posted by Vivienne New

25-May-2015 10:00:00

interview-607713_640No matter the size of your business, your employees are the backbone of the company and their personalities can be more important than their skills, depending on the type of workplace environment.

You want to make sure you’re hiring the best people for the job – people who complement the workplace culture you have created and fit in with your existing employees.

So how do you go about making sure you hire the people who are most suited to your company culture?

  1. Identify the workplace culture

Having a unique workplace culture can help set you apart from your competitors. It also ensures that your employees understand the standards they are expected to adhere to, and the direction they need to aim in their day-to-day work.

Maybe you have an academy culture, where employees are highly skilled and willing to undergo intense training. Or you might have a pragmatic workplace, where the customer is always right and strict rules are dispensed with in favour of giving the customer what they want.

You can read more about different types of workplace cultures in this article from Udemy.

Whichever kind of workplace you maintain, it’s important that new recruits understand the company’s values and are suited to working within that particular type of environment.

  1.        Decide which personality traits help build the culture that drives your organisation

In order to hire the people who will fit best into your workplace, you need to decide what it is that you’re looking for.

If you have an academy culture workplace, you might look for people with tertiary education degrees and a willingness to undergo additional training. If you have a ‘bet your company’ culture, you’ll probably want people who have lots of patience and are willing to take big risks.

Once you’ve decided what personality traits and skill background your new recruit will need, you can start the hiring process knowing exactly what you’re looking for. This way you won’t waste anybody’s time by interviewing unsuitable candidates.

You can teach information and new skills but you can’t teach someone to change their personality to fit into a workplace culture.

  1.        Don’t limit yourself when interviewing potential candidates

In order to be confident you are hiring the right person for the position, you want to make sure that you’re not limiting yourself to only interviewing candidates you can meet with in person. If there are other potential candidates living interstate or overseas (and who are willing to relocate if successful), they deserve to be interviewed too.

A conference call is the best way to conduct interviews with people located in far-off places. Ozlink offers conference calls from as little as 6c per user per minute. You can also record the interview for future reference during the hiring process for only $10, making your hiring process both cheap and easy.

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