What types of organisations can use conference calls?

Posted by Vivienne New

03-Mar-2015 10:00:00

Ozlink conference callsTools such as conference calls are beneficial to a wide range of organisations. From not-for-profit charities to high-end corporates, there are plenty of ways to incorporate conference calls.

While these organisations may be far apart on the monetary spectrum, they all have something in common - a need to communicate with outside contacts in order to progress.

No matter how big or expansive your organisation is, a conference call can both save and boost funds at the same time.

Here are three types of organisations that can benefit from conferencing:

1) Humanitarian charities

Funding can be difficult for not-for-profits as money can may only be received on an adhoc basis. This means budgets are tight and spending severely capped.

To continue pitching to investors and businesses for funding, there are likely to be some travel costs involved. However, by using conferencing, charity workers can stay at their home base and still achieve the desired outcome. The same meetings can still be held, just without the unnecessary costs that are usually involved.

2) Marketing businesses

To give products a good launching pad and to connect with clients and customers, marketing businesses need to involve a variety of third party contacts.

As there are many stakeholders involved in developing products, meetings need to be held on a regular basis to ensure targets and deadlines are met. To achieve this on a large scale, conference calling could be a good option.

With the capability of hundreds of people, conferencing with Ozlink is a cost-effective alternative to hiring out large meetings rooms or conference venues.

3) Recruitment businesses

Recruitment businesses can also benefit from conferencing. If candidates are overseas or the business doesn't have the facilities to host a face-to-face interview, a conference is a great alternative.

Recruitment teams across departments can be involved in the interview and businesses can learn quite a lot from the candidate through a conference call. As well as assessing telephone skills, recruitment teams can pick up on confidence, attitude and enthusiasm for the role.

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